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Convert your git log entries to PowerShell objects
Sometimes you’re in the situation where you’ve to revert a specific commit via git revert sha1. Sometimes you only have a ticket number (in the [...]
Check whats ignored by GIT
Some months ago I started to work with GIT. The shift from SVN to GIT wasn’t easy, but now that I’m into GIT I love. Since GIT offers a lot of [...]
Don’t use „this.“ to address your object attributes
In my actual customer project, we’re using the „this“ convention to address our object attributes. There are other conventions to mark [...]
C# properties, never try to be to smart …
Writing my last C# customer code I tried to do smart things in a property. The property looked like this: public Guid ApplicationLayerCallId { get => [...]
Get into Powershell
It took a while until I got into Powershell. At a first glance, I was discouraged by the strange syntax of variables and commands. It didn’t feel natural [...]
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